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A miracle cure in the morning or a lot of noise about nothing?

The coffee scene is buzzing with a new star. Forgotten are the low-fat Soy Latte and Co. Instead, the Bulletproof Coffee in the USA in the last few months has caused real storms of enthusiasm in the forums. But what is the new super brew, and what does it really promise, namely an indescribable energy kick in the morning?

What Is Bulletproof Coffee?

For a good “bulletproof” coffee you need three ingredients: a cup of good filter coffee (or for the special kick a double espresso made using any espresso machine, even one that costs less than 200 bucks or 300 dollars), a good piece of butter and a tablespoon of oil. But butter can’t be just any butter, it has to come from cows fed on grass (whether they were happy doesn’t matter).

Special demands are also made on the oil: An oil must be used which has a high proportion of medium-chain triglycerides, e.g., natural coconut oil. This can be found in health food stores, drugstores, pharmacies, or directly on the Internet. In order to prevent floating eyes of fat from floating above (and to make the appearance a little more appealing), the mixture must now be mixed briefly with a blender.

The result is surprisingly tasty and above all, satisfying. The otherwise somewhat bitter taste of the coffee is softened by the coconut oil, and you can even taste a little of the coconut. Thus a surprising and tasty aroma unfolds, which one would not expect.

What Should Bulletproof Coffee Do?

An “incredible energy,” the ability to concentrate fully on one thing, momentum, verve, increased performance – if you read about the effects. Bulletproof coffee is supposed to have, you might think it is a stimulant. Which it is, but it’s not illegal, and it’s not supposed to be harmful. On the contrary, the bulletproof coffee is even propagated as healthy – of course mainly by its “inventor” and marketer, the American Dave Asprey.

And the miracle potion is said to have another desired side effect: a noticeably reduced feeling of hunger – no wonder, because with the fats absorbed the body has enough energy for hours.

The Lucrative Business with Tired Society

It sounds like an adventure story by Indiana Jones: On a journey through Tibet and in search of himself, the American Dave Asprey stumbles across a small mountain village. There he is served tea mixed with yak butter and flows through it with energy never experienced before.

Of course, he wanted to decipher the secret of the butter in tea, and after some years of research, he presented the Bulletproof Coffee – conveniently also directly with ready sets, which could be ordered on his website.

He came across open doors with the fitness disciples and diet professionals. Who wouldn’t like to have a legal means with which one can finally start the morning full of energy? And with which you should even be able to lose weight? After all, Asprey claims to have lost 45 kilos in the last ten years.

What Does Science Say?

It sees the phenomenon around the magic brew calmly and pragmatically. It has been proven that the mixture of coffee, healthy fats, and butter provides the body with a lot of energy. However, this is not a miracle and could be achieved with any other healthy breakfast (e.g., yogurt, muesli, and wholemeal bread with butter).

Rather, the numerous enthusiastic consumers are otherwise more likely to be people who do without breakfast – and therefore usually feel so tired. So the “magic” of Bulletproof Coffees actually lies more in getting people to eat anything in the morning – and not in the composition of the ingredients.

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